Read: John 4:5-9

The first element of Jesus’ simple approach to living with purpose and mission was “embracing people wherever they are” 

A Samaritan woman with a possible reputation in this culture could easily be overlooked or ignored. But thankfully, Jesus always looked at the overlooked. 

Jesus meets this Samaritan woman at a well . . . she was there at a very odd time, when no one else was there. It was like she was trying to avoid being noticed. Little background on this woman – she had been married 5 different times and guy #6 that she was currently living with was not her husband. She was either a person with a very questionable reputation OR because of her failures she had been rejected by her community…and maybe both!

It was for her that Jesus said, I HAVE to go where no one else wants to go. He was on mission. He was going to embrace her. He didn’t care that she was a Samaritan. He didn’t care that she was a woman with a questionable reputation. He didn’t care that the rest of the community had rejected her. In spite of all that, Jesus not only engaged her in conversation; he treated her with dignity; and he loved her! And in so doing, Jesus changed her life.

Text the Daily: How well do you relate to people different than you?

Journal Question: Who do you know that may be overlooked or searching?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to truly love others.