Read: John 4:28-30

The final element is to “empower others to live on purpose”  This woman went from being someone who came to the well at the hottest time of day to avoid being noticed by anyone; to a woman so compelled by the love of Jesus, she went back into town to tell everyone else about the life-changing experience she had. 

This woman who was far from God and an outcast from her people is the very one who takes the mission to her community. Now she has something in her life where she wakes up every morning knowing, “That is what I HAVE to do!” Jesus released people into mission. We will explore your part of Jesus’ mission in the weeks to come.  But don’t miss this important idea.  

Whatever you discover as your mission, make sure that you include at least one other person. If it’s reaching out to kids or students – reproduce the mission in someone else! If it’s volunteering for a local food bank – bring someone alongside you! If you got your own start-up idea – do it, but don’t do it alone! For the mission to be accomplished we can’t keep it to ourselves, we have to reproduce by empowering others.

Text the Daily: Do you typically enjoy including others or doing things on your own?

Journal Question: Do you know why you are on this Earth? Could you explain it to someone else?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to help others.