Read: John 4:3-4

What do you have-to-do tomorrow? Most days we have a long list of stuff that we have-to-do.  Usually it’s a list so long that it is impossible for us to ever get it done. How about you?  What do you have-to-do tomorrow? The key phrase is “have-to-do.”The problem with our have-to-do list is that it can be mundane, routine, and often  purpose-less. 

We could read the verses above like this:  “Jesus thought to himself, I have to go through Samaria.”  Like there was a compelling cause and a greater purpose that caused something inside him to say, “I have to go there!” A  little  homework tells us that there must have been a  compelling cause, because normally Jews avoided Samaria at all costs. The Samaritans were hated by the Jews. They were the enemy.  But Jesus said, “I have to go through Samaria” because of a mission God has given me; there is a woman there I have to meet. Jesus had a simple approach to live on purpose and mission. He was constantly embracing, equipping and empowering others.

A life without purpose is boring.  A life with the wrong purpose is wasted.