Read: John 3:16

The word gospel simply means “good news”.  Since the gospel is the key to salvation, what does it really mean? Over the next two days, we’ll use one of the most famous verses in the Bible to explain the gospel in four parts. The first part explains how truly amazing God is.              

God Loved
“For God so loved the world…” These words reveal that God emphatically loves the people in the world.  But even more, He loves each of us on a personal basis. God doesn’t lose sight of us even in a planet filled with billions of other people.  The problem is that God is holy and perfect.  Because of our sin, we are separated from God which leads to the second part. 

God Gave
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son...”  The value we place on something is seen by what we are willing to give up for it.  God was willing to give up his only Son for us.  The Bible teaches that Jesus was the perfect and sinless Son of God.  Because he was without sin, he was the only one that could become a sacrifice for us.  So the first part of this good news is all about how God loved us so much that he gave his perfect Son for us.  

God Loved.  God Gave.

Text the Daily: Do you wrestle with the idea that God loves each of us unconditionally?

Journal Question: Growing up, what was your image of God? Distant, Angry, Doesn’t Exist, etc.?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, thank you for giving your life so I could be forgiven.