Read: Matthew 6:19-21

Do you have a spot in your home where things pile up and get a little messy? Most of us have at least one space—a drawer, a messy closet, underneath our beds—that collects some junk. And then, of course, you clean it, but somehow, it just keeps collecting more and more stuff. Sound familiar?

We start collecting all this stuff that maybe was cool or special at one point in our lives, but then we just hold on to it instead of throwing it away or giving it to someone else. So, our stuff gets shoved into places where it grows and collects dust—making everything look crowded and messy. 

Our hearts can be kind of like that. When our hearts are carrying a bunch of junk, we end up wanting more and more junk. And then we can’t be surprised when junk starts coming out of our hearts. Think about it like this. If all you think about is how you want more stuff, then you’ll always need more. And then you start acting selfishly and having a bad attitude toward other people in your life. But that’s how generosity can free our hearts from the need to have all this junk. If instead of wanting more stuff for ourselves we start thinking about ways we can help others.

Text the Daily: Do you throw away things quickly or tend to be a hoarder?

Journal Question: What plans and/or changes do you need to make to be generous to others and Jesus through a local church.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to live a generous life, and blessed to be a blessing.