Read: Matthew 10:39

The first question we have to answer with serving is…What about me? It’s an odd thing, and you’ve probably experienced it before: The more you focus on yourself, the less content and satisfied you actually become. We probably all believe it on at least some level: The happiest people are the ones that learn the art of being selfless. Jesus actually talks about this exact idea – if we were to ‘lose’ our life, we would actually find it.

It’s when we grip life so hard in fear of losing it that we actually choke it to death.

There are many reasons for serving that we’ll talk about in the coming days, but this is one that maybe we’ve found to be true already. We just have a hard time letting go of our ‘self-preservation’ instinct. But if you really think about it, when you’ve seen God begin to move in your life, you begin to realize you have no reason not to trust Him. After all, He’s saved us from our own sin and meaningless existence! And when we let that part of our lives go, we have so much more time, energy, and focus to extend to those who don’t even know about God’s love for them! This is why we join the mission.

Text the Daily: Are you currently serving in the church or have you in the past?

Journal Question: How has serving God and others been a blessing to you?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to take the focus off of myself and have more time and energy for others.