Read: Luke 6:12-16

It’s tempting to try to accomplish God’s plan without Him and the power of the Holy Spirit, but that’s not how Jesus rolled. He spends the night in prayer before selecting the twelve. The stakes were high. The twelve he was about to select would be the first ones he would send out to bless the world on his mission. You see, it had always been God’s dream to bless the world through his people. But along the way, they kept focusing on themselves and their needs. They didn’t get that the “blessing strategy” was for God to bless them so they could bless others! We still have that very same struggle today. So never forget the blessing strategy and know whenever God blesses us, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Are you ready to discover your mission and begin changing your world? The first practice is to Begin with Prayer. Let me give you these two specific challenges for beginning with prayer:

1. Commit to start every day with a prayer asking God to use you to bless some place or someone in your world.

2. In your group start asking each other the question every time you gather, “Who did you B.L.E.S.S. this week?”

Text the Daily: Have you ever prayed for God to use you?

Journal Question: What are some barriers that keep you from beginning each day with prayer? How can you overcome those barriers?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, use me to bless some place or someone in your world today.