Read: Luke 18:41-42

We live in a world where hardly anybody really listens. Most people are more interested in what they have to say than what someone else has to say. Do you ever find yourself in a conversation and you are looking at the person’s lips moving, but you have no idea what they are saying because you are thinking about what you are going to say next? I’ve done it!  Too many times I’m not really listening closely to people. I’m just cueing up my next words. Or maybe you’ve been on the other side of that conversation.  We’ve all been part of conversations where the other person was saying “Yeah, yeah, uh-huh,” but we knew they weren’t really listening to anything that we were saying.      

The second of our five simple missional practices (B.L.E.S.S.) is to “L” Listen.  Listening to our neighbors, family, friends, and even a stranger is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Being present and practicing the presence of Jesus in your listening may be as powerful as anything you ever say.  Listening lays the relational foundation for any words that we may choose to speak later. When we lay down our assumptions as to what people need and we learn to listen and ask the question “Where is God at work?” – then we discover our mission.

Text the Daily: Are you a good listener?

Journal Question: How can I focus more on listening instead of trying to be heard this week?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to listen and discover the needs of others and where you are at work.