Read Philippians 4:1-3

From grade school sports to my current job, I’ve been on a bunch of different teams in my life. What I’ve learned is that there are two basic types of teams. The first is when everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal. In this type of team, there’s no limit to the potential.

But, there’s another type of team. One where everyone is going in different directions doing what’s best for themselves without thinking much of the group. Unfortunately, I’ve found this to be the hallmark of most teams, and it severely limits what the team can accomplish.

Euodia and Syntyche were two women who were leaders in the church at Philippi. His instructions to them were quite clear. They were to have the same mind in the Lord. They were to be the type of team that worked together toward a common goal for the cause of Christ.

Remember back in chapter 2. Paul instructed the Philippians (and us) to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. They were to be unified by the love and grace they found in Christ. As leaders and followers of Jesus, Paul expected Euodia and Syntyche to have unity around the mindset of Christ.

In uncertain times like there, we often find that people rally together and become unified. Groups will work together that usually don’t communicate. People are a little bit more aware of what they say, and we’re all a little more cooperative for the common good.

This type of unity, especially for Christians, shouldn’t stop once we get back to some form of normalcy. The unity around having the mind of Christ should be our normal.

🤔 What do you think “be of the same mind in the Lord” might mean to us today as church goers and church leaders?
💡 What thought or idea stood out to you in today’s reading?
❓ Was there anything confusing to you in today’s reading?
🏃‍♂️ What is one way you can apply this passage to your life right now?