Read Philippians 4:8-9 We are bringing P​aul’s Perspectives ​to a close today in Philippians chapter 4. This week we have seen Paul’s perspective on looking to God in the middle of tough times, on attitude, and on priorities. To accomplish these truths in our lives, Paul is clear the way we think is paramount. In our verses today, Paul gives believers three areas to guide our thought lives. First he talks about the Content​ of what we think. He gives eight truths through which to filter every thought. This filter will impact our entire thought life every day. If we want better priorities and attitudes, we will run every thought through this filter every day. The way Paul wrote this implies these truths will cover every aspect of our lives, there are no additions to this list. Secondly he talks about the Action​ of how we think. The filter is important, but how we use it is critical. In the last part of verse 8, he says, “think about such things”. “Think” here is not simply a passing thought. The word translated “think” means, “to reckon, to compute”. Time, effort and energy is implied in using the filter. Another action in found in verse 9, “put into action”. This phrase implies repetition just as the athlete or musician practice daily to improve. The phrase also carries the idea of making this a way of life or normal routine. The use of this filter involves routine use on a daily basis. Lastly, he tells us the Result ​of our thinking in verse 9, the God of peace will be with us. Trouble at work or at home, peace. Illness, peace. Confusion, peace. Money issues, peace. What a result! Reflect: Do you suffer from worry? Run it through the filter. Battle inappropriate thoughts? Run it through the filter. Thinking of ways to get ahead? Run it through the filter. Looking for that boyfriend/girlfriend or that spouse? Run it through the filter. Make sure if you get nothing else from the Crosstraing today or this week, you get this: “God wants to help you control your thoughts not watch your thoughts control you”. These verses are so much bigger than we can tackle in Crosstraining. It is my prayer this devotional will make you want to investigate more about what Paul wants for us. Pray: As you pray today ask God to help you get in the routine of reading the Bible (it is our how to book!). Ask God to help you daily to utilize this filter. Ask Him to help you remove those thoughts that can not and will not make it through the filter. // TWO-A-DAYS // GO A LITTLE FARTHER WITH YOUR DAILY DEVOTIONS // Go through these questions with your spouse, kids, or friend, or you can even journal about the answers to these questions:

  1. What was the best part of your day?
  2. What was the toughest part of your day?
  3. Where did you mess up today?
  4. Where did you see God today?
READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT: Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 13]]>