Read: John 8:1-11

In John 8, we find a powerful story of a woman who was caught in adultery. The religious guys were using her sin to try to test Jesus’ commitment to judge sinners. According to Old Testament law, Jesus was expected to condone her death by stoning But Jesus didn’t. Instead he became her advocate, protected her, and turned the question of judgment back to the religious people. This small but revolutionary act set Jesus apart, no only from the expectations of the people of his time but also from what you and I would generally expect. Judgment still exists inside the church toward people who sin. Sinners expect Christians to judge their behavior. All too often, we do.

The definition of an advocate is one who looks past the outward behavior, vices, sin, frailty, brokenness and confusion of a person. Instead an advocate focuses on winning a person’s trust, friendship, and loyalty. When those things are established, the heart and desire to obey God come naturally.

This is why we must change our POSTURE. Our posture is what wins a person’s respect and heart and helps them be open to God’s ways. While poor posture communicates judgment, Christ-like posture displays love.

Journal/Text Question: Do you think it’s hard to advocate for people that struggle with obvious sin? Especially sin on your personal no-no list?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, help me to be an advocate for those who are struggling or in obvious sinful behavior.