Matthew 26:17-35 Read the New Testament in a Year: Romans 10 Have you ever been falsely accused or betrayed by a friend? Have you had people plotting against you? Or have you ever experienced some other form of personal hostility? Jesus experienced all these things. Yesterday we looked at when people plot against you or accuse you wrongly. The final aspect involves being betrayed by others. Betrayal What people will do for money! Judas waited for an opportunity to hand over Jesus for ‘thirty silver coins’ (v.15). How painful this must have been for Jesus! Judas was one of his closest ‘friends’, one of the inner circle of twelve he had chosen. He knew – ‘one of you will betray me’ (v.21). Yet Jesus in his extraordinary love, dies for them all. During a meal together, he begins to explain the meaning of his death. He explains through the breaking of the bread and drinking of wine that his blood is to be ‘poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins’ (v.28). Jesus’ answer to a hostile world was to be crucified in order to make forgiveness and redemption possible. Miss a CrossTraining?]]>