Isaiah 55:8-9 Like most guys, I’m not much of a shopper. But, I love the idea of getting something good that’s discounted. Every year on black friday, I go with my friends to the stores partly to people watch and partly in hopes that it will finally be the year where I get that killer deal. I always hear about people getting that $800 television for $200 or $400 worth of clothes for $20. Everytime I go, though, the best deal I get is on the $4 bavarian nuts from the kiosk in the middle of the mall. As time as went on, I just get mad at other people for finding awesome deals because everything I’m ever interested seems like it’s usually double the cost it should be instead of half off! It just doesn’t seem fair. In my own weird way, I think that if I just show up, I should get good deals like other people do. I conveniently forget about the fair amount of luck that’s involved. I find myself with similar feelings when it comes to my life in general. Somewhere along the way, we’ve been fooled into thinking that if we just show up day after day that God will bless us exactly the way we want to be blessed. We think that if we do the church thing or live a generally good life, good things will automatically start happening to us. When we feel like we’ve been doing everything we are supposed to do and things don’t work out the way we had planned, it doesn’t feel fair. But, God isn’t a vending machine. We can’t just pay a price and ask God to give us what we want. He works differently than that. Sometimes things don’t seem fair. Even when things don’t work out exactly the way we want, God has a plan and a reason. We may not always be able to understand what He’s doing and why, but He loves us and always does what’s truly best for us.]]>