Revelation 1:7-8 Have you ever been around someone who really messed up? Maybe their mistake cost their business greatly or hurt a friend. When it’s an honest mistake and the person feels awful about it, we are often hurt or embarrassed for them. Usually when someone makes a mistake, we feel bad for them because we know that we all make mistakes. What’s really frustrating, though, is when someone makes a mistake and they don’t feel bad about it. They don’t apologize and act like nothing is wrong. It’s a little bit harder to feel bad for them because the show no regret in how they acted or in the mistake they’ve made. Some people feel this way about God. They see the bad things that are happening in the world or they experience struggle in their own life, and they question God’s character. They don’t think that He cares. These people perceive God’s inaction in some areas as God being aloof and not caring about what we are going through here on earth. God makes it clear in the Bible that it’s okay to question circumstances and to be brutally honest with Him through prayer, but God also makes it clear that His character is above reproach. God is perfect, just, Holy, and loves and cares for us more than we could ever know. Not only that, but His character has never changed and never will. God gives us freedom to be honest with our questions to Him, but He wants us to know that He can be trusted. Do you sometimes question God’s character? Maybe instead of assuming that God doesn’t care about you, trust that God knows what He’s doing and knows what’s best for you.]]>