James 4:1-3 We were all there as a kid. We asked for that one thing for Christmas or our birthday that we didn’t get. We begged our parents to get it for us, but they told us no. I used to just assume that my parents didn’t care about me or didn’t have the resources to get what I wanted when they said no. Looking back, like Ralphie in a Christmas story was destined to shoot his eye out with the BB Gun, there were many things that I asked for a didn’t get, not because my parents couldn’t or didn’t care enough about me to want to, but because they knew what was best for me. The same can be said of God. He loves it when we talk to Him in prayer and tell Him what we want in life. However, when we don’t get what we asked God for, we assume that God either doesn’t care enough about us to get it for us or He isn’t able to do it to begin with. We begin to question God’s power. We think, “God, if you could do something in this situation, why aren’t you doing it?” The fact is that God is strong enough to do what He wants when He wants, but He chooses to do what’s best. While we want God to do things because He can, He wants to do what He can for our own good. Sometimes He will keep things from us to keep us safe. Sometimes He protects us because He knows how we will react if we get what we want. Other times, He knows that we don’t see all the ramifications of whatever it is we want. No matter the case, it’s not that God isn’t capable of doing what we want or just doesn’t want to, it’s that God wants to do a greater work in our life than we could ever imagine.]]>