Read: Job 38 & Job 42:1-3

The brother and sister’s daily television viewing time is always preceded by one yelling, “I call remote,” thereby securing control of channel changing. Now he can watch what he wants; she can flip channels as often as she likes. They push buttons, not realizing their viewing is dependent on other factors. If mom has an unexpected errand to run or Grandma calls with a last minute invitation, they will be pulled away. If satellite reception is interrupted, their television time ends. Don’t we view our lives like these siblings sometimes? How often to we think we push the buttons, that our work and our decisions are setting our path? Don’t we love to feel we’re in control? The truth is we are not in control and there is a much bigger picture than we can see. As Job finds his life spinning out of control, he and his friends share opinions about why things are happening and how Job should respond. In their minds, they have God figured out. In Job 38-41, God responds. He describes His creation and His control of it. Job doesn’t have control of the world and how it operates day to day. How many times have we fooled ourselves into thinking we have everything figured out when, although God will continually reveal Himself and His ways to us, He will always be beyond our understanding? In Job 42:3, Job says to the Lord, “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.” Although not being in control can be scary, it is also a place of rest. The God who made the universe, which is so expansive we cannot comprehend it, is holding our lives in His hands.]]>