Daily Reading: Romans 8:38-39

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, help someone out

Questions to think about:
I continue to be impressed at the lengths that people will go to save money on purchasing the gifts they love during the Christmas season. Black Friday is a perfect example. People will camp out in lines, sometimes for an entire night, just to secure the closest spot to the door. Others will wake incredibly early. Come morning, the mad rush begins as people run to get to the big deals.

It seems like every year we see video of people literally being trampled over by crowds to the point of needing medical attention. Or crazed shoppers who have ended up in verbal or physical fights that have led to arrest and imprisonment. These shoppers show no shame. They are there to get a deal and they are proud of it. They are not hiding in their tents afraid of being seen by the world. Put them on the news and they beam. That’s devotion.

Which gets me wondering how crazy am I about the things I say I love? Will I lose sleep for them? Will I wait for them? Will I run to them? Will I speak up for them? Will I fight for them? Am I willing to lose face for them? Would I be willing to be imprisoned for them? Much to consider, especially when I say I love Jesus.

What and who are you devoted to? That’s what matters most.