Daily Reading: Luke 1:34-38

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, talk it out

Questions to think about:
How well do you change gears?

“But I just made dinner, and now you want to go out?”
“I planned on cleaning out the garage and you want to go to your parent’s house?”

The news the angel Gabriel brought Mary didn’t mean a mere change of gears. It meant a complete change of expectations for the entire course of her life. And her reaction was remarkable:

I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.

What an example to those of us who prefer familiarity to spontaneity! Mary humbly accepted this radical change of direction in her life. In trust, she yielded herself – her dreams, her plans, her very body – to the Lord. And then she celebrated in song the privilege of being used by Him in His Kingdom plan.

Lord, teach us to yield with faith to Your plans for us.

Can you imagine young Mary, a peasant girl of 12 or 13, and yet her heart was fully yielded to God as “the Lord’s servant” even though what the Gabriel was announcing to her meant her entire life was now upended? How would you have responded? What would you have said to the angel in that moment? What would you say now?