Daily Reading: John 6:60-69

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, talk it out

Questions to think about:
Many of those who followed Jesus around were interested only in what He could do for them. They came to be healed or to see the miracles He performed. After Jesus fed about 5,000 people a supernatural meal, they came back in the morning expecting breakfast. John 6:66 tells us that when Jesus refused to work another miracle for them and declared Himself the true bread of life, “many of His disciples withdrew and were not walking with Him anymore.”

We typically read these passages and discuss how many temporary Christ-followers are are only in it for themselves. They want the benefits Jesus can offer but are unwilling to accept hard truths or deny their own will for His. I think that is an accurate point from the passage, but I think we sometimes miss an even bigger point. These people had the same opportunity that His other disciples had to see God do some things that literally would change eternity. However, because it became difficult or their own doubt, they walked away and missed out. Maybe the most tragic thing that could happen to any of us would be for us to allow our doubt to not only take us out, but ultimately cause us to miss out on the amazing things He wanted to do in our lives.

What doubt has tempted you to think about walking away? How does realizing the greatest danger is all the things you could possibly miss out on help motivate you to keep on trusting?