Daily Reading: Matthew 14:25-31

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, talk it out

Questions to think about:
There are certain doubts that if you don’t deal with will ultimately take you out. Peter knew this first hand because his doubt literally almost took him out. Peter with bold faith ask Jesus if he can walk on the water with Him.  Everything is going great until he starts looking at the water.  

Like Peter, we start to doubt when he look around at the situation and start thinking this may not work out. We love to believe everything that God says we can be and what He’s called us to do…until we see the real world. Real life happens and all of sudden we are not so sure this is going to work out anymore. Don’t let doubt take you out. Follow Peter’s example and ask Jesus for help.

What situation are you currently focusing more on than the One who can actually save you from it?