Daily Reading: Acts 17:10-12

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, start with what God says

Questions to think about:
It is not enough to just read words in our Bible. We must discern what the words mean. This brings us into the realm of examining and studying, because living with God’s Word is a lifelong learning experience.The people Paul encountered in Berea are a great example. They willingly opened their Old Testaments, looked up the places Paul pointed them to, and seriously considered their need for a suffering and resurrected Savior.

How do we examine God’s Word? You can google or look up tons of Bible Study methods and find a method that works for you, but I typically like to start a reading plan (I use the YouVersion app) so it’s consistent everyday. Then, after reading a passage or chapter, take a few minutes to think about how I can apply what I’ve read to my life and pray for God to help me do that or sometimes just for understanding about what I’ve just read. It’s pretty simple but it works for me.
P.S. I’m just now starting day 305 for this year with my plan 🙂

In addition to personal time, opening your Bible regularly with others is an amazing way to grow. The Bible is better together and a small group has been the most beneficial way for my family to read and discuss the Bible with others.

Examining and studying God’s Word takes time and work. The Bereans made the effort and were blessed. What about you?