Daily Reading: Colossians 3:17

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, help someone out

Questions to think about:

What if You Woke Up Today With Only the Things You Thanked God for Yesterday?

Humbling thought. My in-laws have a sign in their house that has the above quote on it. Every time I look at that sign and think, “what would I not have today because of my ungrateful heart yesterday?

Generally speaking, I can be found in a state of want, selfishly seeking my own desires, failing to be grateful for the abundant blessings that surround me every day. If left to my own devices I can flail with distraction, limp by taking the easy road, and leave things undone, unexamined, and forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at C3!

If that were true, what wouldn’t you have today that you didn’t thank God for yesterday?