Daily Reading: Luke 1:26-33

Big Idea This Week:
When in doubt, talk it out

Questions to think about:
We all wish we would never have to deal with doubt but that’s not how it works. We don’t decide to doubt, it just jumps up and grab us. Even though Jesus said “Do not doubt”, we still have doubts when we forgot the foundation of our faith.

However, we can also learn a few secrets about our doubts and the enemy. Doubt will typically whisper one of two questions. Doubt will always ask “Is it worth it?” or “Is it true?” Like Mary, when circumstances don’t make sense, you’ll hear a small whisper asking if it’s worth it to follow Jesus. She probably also felt like questioning if all of this could actually be true.  It’s the common Christmas story for us, but it was anything but common a few thousand years ago. 

What are you doubting right now? Which one of the two questions is doubt whispering in your ear or maybe even both?